Gymnasium Guidelines

General Guidelines
•Our open gym, drop in, and leagues are focused on fun, safe, and fair play for all participants. Designated gym times are subject to change.
•Respect toward other guests and Community Center staff is expected. Excessive physical and/or aggression will not be tolerated during programmed or non-programmed hours. Management has discretion to remove participants if guidelines are not followed.
•Guests/participants must wear proper athletic attire.
•Food, gum, or drink is not permitted except for water in an enclosed container.
•Dunking, hanging, or snapping of the rim is not permitted.
•Please limit cell phone use to the lobby areas.
•Open Gym can be utilized by all ages for a variety of activities.
•During open gym management has the discretion to designate areas for usage

Drop-In Guidelines
•Drop-in time gives precedence to the age group and sport to which it is assigned.
•Individuals under the age of 16 are not allowed to participate during adult drop in time.
•Full Court is allowed during youth drop in times on the West Court unless occupancy exceeds 20 participants (four teams) or Challenge Court rules are not being followed.
•Half court play will only be allowed on the East Court during youth drop in times.
•Full court play is allowed on the main court for adult drop in time unless occupancy exceeds 20 participants (four teams) or Challenge Court rules are not being followed.

Challenge Court Guidelines
•The first 10 players to make the designated free throw shot will make up the first two teams. All other players waiting to play must organize a five person team.
•Four teams of five are permitted for full court drop in play. If numbers exceed 20, the main court will be split and the East and West courts will be used for full play.

News & Happenings

The Community Center will be having periodic closures over the next few months in order to complete some much needed maintenance projects. Here is what to expect coming up…

During the month of October, parts of our Aquatic Center will be intermittently under construction. Once finished, guests can expect a smooth floor in the Activity pool and a clean and slip-resistant deck all around.