Major/MinorEvent Guidelines


Any organization holding a Minor/Major Event on a facility under the control of the City of Glenwood Springs shall follow the rules listed below:

1. A Minor Event, for these purposes, is defined as one that will attract at least seventy-five (75) participants and no more than two-hundred fifty (250) participants. A Major Event, for these purposes, is defined as one that will attract at least two hundred and fifty-one (251) participants, or one that in the opinion of the City will necessitate special concerns because of its nature. Parks that can host Minor/Major events: Veltus, Sayre and Two Rivers.

2. Sponsor shall release the City from any liability and holding the City of Glenwood Springs harmless from any claims resulting from leased premises during the term of use. The event sponsor will be responsible for obtaining liability insurance coverage with a minimum of one million dollars ($1,000,000) of coverage per event. The City of Glenwood Springs shall be named as an “additional insured” in the policy. The City of Glenwood Springs may require a higher aggregate amount of liability insurance coverage for some events.

3. Alcohol cannot be sold without a proper liquor license. Sponsors who would like to sell alcohol must complete the Special Event Liquor Permit; contact the City Clerk for application @ 384-6403. Alcohol is limited to beer and wine, no exceptions, and is only permitted for a maximum of four (4) consecutive  hours. All alcohol consumption shall be confined within the immediate premises of the leased facility specified on the rental or usage agreement. Under no circumstances will alcohol be served to or consumed by anyone less than 21 years of age. Sponsors are solely responsible for all liability associated with the serving of alcohol. Sponsor must adhere to all state and local laws concerning alcohol use. Failure to abide by all state and local laws concerning alcohol, and the above restrictions, will result in your event being immediately shut down and losing full amount of deposit. The police will be notified and dispatched to the premise.

4. If the proposed event occurs in a City park the event sponsor shall contact directly with the Glenwood Springs Police Department for a minimum two (2) off-duty sworn law enforcement officer per one hundred (100) people for a non-alcohol event. If an event permits alcohol, a minimum of two (2) officers to be in attendance for every fifty (50) people during the event, at the sponsor’s expense. If a law enforcement officer is not available, security can be provided at a cost of $100.00 per guard with a minimum of 2 guards per event. A copy of the receipt for these services shall be submitted to the City prior final approval of the event.

5. The sale of any items (food, clothing, etc.) is allowed, providing that each vendor has obtained the required permit. A Sales Tax Permit must be obtained for the sale of any and all items. Sponsors who would like to sell any items must complete the Special Event Permit Application; contact the City Clerk for application.

6. The placement of tent stakes, anchors or any other objects into the ground is strictly prohibited unless the sponsor has contacted and scheduled a meeting with the Parks superintendent at 384-6366 to avoid damage to underground utilities or irrigation lines. This meeting is required at least 10 business days before final approval will be given for the event.

7. Dogs and other pets are strictly prohibited from the site of the event. The event sponsor shall include notice of this prohibition in all advertising for the event, and shall monitor the event for compliance with this prohibition. The event sponsor shall be responsible for removal of dogs and pets from the event site, unless direct written approval has been granted prior to the event.

8. Crowd must be orderly with no amplified music that may disrupt other park users or surrounding residents. For all events amplified music must receive prior approval with the proposal of the event.  Amplified music must comply with existing park policies for decibel level and hours of operation.

9. Sponsor is responsible for ensuring the area is thoroughly cleaned immediately following the completion of the event. Extra trash not fitting in the provided trash receptacle must be carried out. For Major events, dumpster requirements are based on the number of participants expected. One (1) 4-yard dumpster is required per five hundred (500) people. The location and placement of dumpsters needs to be approved by the Parks Superintendent in the pre-event meeting. The use of City dumpsters is strictly prohibited. Event sponsor must make a commitment that the area will be continually patrolled for cleanliness. This service can be provided by the City (see event fees).

10. Vehicles are not allowed on the grass or walkways and must park in designated areas. For Major events vehicles are only allowed on the grass or walkways to load or un-load; all parking must be in designated areas. The sponsor will be responsible for notification to all vendors, performers, etc. that vehicles not actively loading or un-loading will be towed.

11. Glass bottles or glass containers are prohibited for any reason in parklands. 

12. Large Event group of 500+ can be made up to 12 months in advance. Major Special Events can be reserved beyond 12 months with approval of the City Manager or Director of parks and Recreation. If applicant cancels prior to 6 months before date of event, a $100.00 administrative charge will be assessed for processing. If applicant cancels 180 days prior to event they will forfeit rental fee or $1000.00 whichever is less. Users can re-schedule shelter rental 1 time without penalty. Application fees will not be returned for any reason. Deposits will be returned within 10 business days.

13. A Special Event Permit grants permission for a special event, but in no way grants exclusivity to any park parcel.

14. The City reserves the right at any time to enter onto the premises to review sponsor actions and/or for any other reasonable purpose.

15. User shall not assign nor sublet the premises or any portion thereof.

16. Sponsor has inspected the premises and agrees to accept premises in such condition at the time of the use. For Major events sponsor has reviewed power and water available at event location and sponsor must provide additional power and/or water needs.

17. Fires, except within designated fireplaces or grills are prohibited.

18. Sponsor understands that damages to City facilities and property or not abiding by these above conditions, is cause for cancellation or withdrawal of this permit or issuance of any future permits and restitution of damages.

19. Minor/Major events must submit a detailed site plan identifying the proposed event area. Event cannot prohibit or impede access to public rest rooms, boat ramps, or trail systems. Sponsor is required to provide a detailed site plan with the following information: -Parking locations -Vendor parking locations -Emergency access -Temporary fencing -Locations of Port-a-Potties -Dumpster locations

20. Major/Minor events require all vendors, food or otherwise, must follow all state and local tax and health code requirements and must provide portable fire extinguishers at each food booth cooking food and two (2) fire extinguishers are to be available at one (1) or more other sound booths (or other central locations).

21. For any Major event, port-a-potties are required. One (1) port-a-potties per two hundred (200) persons is the ratio to determine the number needed. In cooperation with the Americans with Disabilities Act, at least one (1) portable toilet is to be handicap accessible. It is the sponsor’s responsibility to make all arrangements (drop-off and pick-up) and pay any fees. The locations of the toilets need to be determined on the site plan and approved in the pre-approval meeting.

22. For Major event, applicant must meet with Glenwood Springs Fire Department to determine EMS needs evacuation plan and access issues.

23. For Major events, applicants will receive initial conditional approval based on mitigating a variety of park and security impacts. This initial conditional approval is not final until all requirements have been met.

24. The City reserves the right to accept, reject or modify any event based on the impacts or the overall benefit to the community.

News & Happenings

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During the month of October, parts of our Aquatic Center will be intermittently under construction. Once finished, guests can expect a smooth floor in the Activity pool and a clean and slip-resistant deck all around.