Climbing Wall Guidlines

Download the Climbing Wall Waiver and Belay Certification here.

  • All climbers must have a completed release form on file at the Community Center Front Desk. Parent or Guardian must sign for climbers 17 and under.
  • All Climbers must check in with the front desk and obtain a wrist band indicating a current waiver is on file and display it in a visible spot while using the wall.
  • Any climbers using the wall outside of staffed hours must undergo a Safety and Auto-Belay Certification prior to the usage.
  • No food or beverage will be allowed in the climbing wall area. •Climbers 4-6 can climb so long as they are belayed by a certified parent.
  • Climbers ages 4 to 10 must be accompanied by a participating parent or legal guardian while using the wall, unless enrolled in a climbing class.
  • Climbers ages 4-10 cannot belay other climbers, climbers ages 11 and up must pass belay certification to belay other climbers.
  • The feet of bouldering participants cannot go above their eye level when standing at the base of the wall.
  • Bouldering is not allowed underneath roped up climbers or other bouldering participants.
  • Climbers may not cross underneath another ropeline while top roping.
  • Rock climbing shoes must be worn while climbing. Shoes are available for use during staffed hours.
  • All climbing equipment must be designed and approved for rock climbing and used in accordance with manufacturer recommendations.
  • Harnesses are available during staffed hours and will fit most participants up to 250 lbs. You will not be able to climb without a properly fit harness.
  • Belay ropes shall be secured to the climber by use of a figure 8 follow-through knot attached directly to the harness, with an appropriate backup knot.
  • Belayers should be connected to floor anchor with a locking carabiner when weight discrepancies exist. •Climbers must stay off red area of floor while not climbing.
  • Proper Belay technique is mandatory, staff is available for training on current industry standards. Rapid descents are not allowed.
  • Figure 8 rappel devices are not acceptable for belaying.
  • Our climbing wall is not lead rated, simulated leading or feeding slack to simulate lead falls is strictly prohibited.
  • During busy times please share routes with waiting climbers.
  • Safety is the top priority. Failure to comply with facility guidelines as evaluated by the supervisor may result in participant being asked to leave and climbing privileges revoked.

News & Happenings

The Community Center will be having periodic closures over the next few months in order to complete some much needed maintenance projects. Here is what to expect coming up…

During the month of October, parts of our Aquatic Center will be intermittently under construction. Once finished, guests can expect a smooth floor in the Activity pool and a clean and slip-resistant deck all around.