Aquatic Center

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The Glenwood Springs Aquatic Center offers a little something for all types of water lovers. Check the Aquatics Schedule for amenities hours and availability (subject to change).


Activity Pool

This 28,000 gallon warm water recreation pool has something fun for the whole family - geysers, lemon drops, spray arches, tumble buckets, and a water slide! The pool offers a gradual zero depth entry and reaches 3ft 6in in depth at it’s deepest. Temperature for the Activity Pool is 91-93 degrees. Swimmers 48 inches and taller can have a blast sliding down the wacky water slide. 

Lap Pool

This 277,000 gallon pool boasts 8 lap lanes and one meter diving board. The pool ranges from 4 feet deep to 2 feet deep. Temperature is kept between 82-84 degrees. The 25-meter lap pool is perfect for the swimming enthusiast with a minimum of 2 lap lanes open to the public during all open swim hours. 

Hot Tub 

This 2,000 gallon hot tub is available patrons 14 years & up. With easy in steps this body of water is sure to melt away any aches & pains while helping you relax. Temperature is kept between 104-105 degrees. Rules for the Hot Tub are as follows:

  • No one under the age of 14 is allowed in or on the Hot Tub, including stairs & ledges. (Proof of age may be required)
  • Maximum capacity is 10 persons. If capacity is reached, you may be asked to exit if you have been in for 15 minutes or longer. 
  • Those that are pregnant and people with heart disease, high blood pressure, or other health problems should not use the hot tub without prior consultation with a healthcare provider.
  • People using alcohol or drugs that cause drowsiness should not use the hot tub.
  • Recommended use is 15 minutes.