Ice Rink Rules/Guidelines

  • No fast or careless skating
  • No more than three persons allowed to hold hands while skating
  • Jumps and spins allowed only at center rink or designated areas during public skate
  • No one allowed on the ice during resurfacing
  • No food or beverages allowed on Ice
  • No horseplay or potentially unsafe games allowed on ice.(i.e. tag, or whip)
  • Carrying children on the ice is prohibited
  • Skaters must skate with the flow of traffic
  • Sticks and pucks are allowed only during designated times
  • Helmets are required when sticks and / or pucks are present on the ice
  • No shoes or boots allowed on the ice
  • All skating instructors must be City of Glenwood Springs Parks and Rec Department employees
  • User groups are responsible for cleanup, damages, and conduct of participants and spectators on and off the ice during private facility rentals
  • Those participating in facility activities assume all inherent risk and responsibilities whether spectator or participant
  • Glenwood Springs Parks and Recreation Department is not responsible for unattended, lost or stolen articles
  • Inappropriate use of profanity, tobacco, alcohol, or sunflower seeds is prohibited
  • Management is not responsible for lost or stolen articles