Fitness Class Descriptions

Classes titles marked with an * are recommended for introductory fitness participants, seniors, or rehabilitative participants.


This low-impact class will include strength and stretch using water weights, noodles, and Pilates in the pool.

AquaFit Babies

Bring your very young one to this 30-minute workout in the water and exercise with your baby.

Barre/Barre Fuel

Focus on strengthening and tightening the entire body while improving posture and flexibility in this low-impact class. Various props incorporated for added challenge.

Cardio Kickboxing

Focus on linked cardio kickboxing moves synched to motivating music for optimal brain and body challenge.

Fall Prevention*

Improve your balance and reduce incidence and severity of falls. This class will focus on balancing skills in a safe environment.

Gentle Pilates*

This class is designed for those new to fitness, recovery, and pre/postnatal. A perfect intro to Pilates.


Think old-school aerobics but updated. Enjoy easy to follow choreography to fun, upbeat music.

HIIT/Strength and Cardio

This class will focus using weights and cardio to get the heart pumping and muscles burning. High Intensity Interval Training.

Indoor Cycling

A low-impact cardio option, this class is a 45- or 60-minute burst of fun. Bring a towel and water. These classes require advance registration.


Parents, bring your child for play time in the gym then get your sweat on with a fun 30-minute HIIT workout. Fun for the whole family.

PiYo/PiYo Pump

Higher intensity yet low impact. A fast-paced class that links Pilates and yoga moves to the beat of the music. PiYo Pump also adds in some weight training.

Power Pilates

Controlled low-impact exercise that aims to strengthen muscles while improving postural alignment and flexibility. Weights added for the power component.

Power Yoga/Yoga*

Power Yoga is a fluid, energetic, style of yoga that links movements and breath. Yoga will be more mild.

Silver Circuit*

A Silver Sneaker class available for all gym participants. Light cardio, weights, and core work.


Step to the beat! Enjoy linking combinations while working on leg and cardio strength.


These strength classes will use weights to help build muscle. Expect more intensity in the conditioning class.

T'ai Chi*

Meditative physical Chinese martial art movement. Slow, focused, movement involving balance.


TRX is suspension training that uses body weight exercises to develop strength, balance, flexibility, and core. TRXpresso is a faster-paced class. These classes require advance registration.


High Energy, Dance-Based, Calorie-Burning, Super Fun, Cardio Workout! We take the "work" out of workout, by mixing low-intensity and high-intensity moves for dance fitness party every class!