Memorial Application Process

Standard Memorials

Applications for memorials should be completed through the Parks Department.  The City has the authority to deny requests for memorials that commemorate a person, event or place that is already memorialized elsewhere in the City. The Parks Superintendent will contact the applicant to consult on Department needs and applicant’s wishes for location and memorial type. While Small memorials may commemorate an individual or event, the subject of a Large memorial must demonstrate a high level of significance by meeting at least one of the following criteria:

  • The person or group has made an outstanding contribution to the cultural, political or social development of the City of Glenwood Springs, the State of Colorado, the United States of America, or the international community.
  • The site or event is historically or culturally significant and/or represents an important and unique City or civic anniversary.

Large Memorials

Applicants wishing to install a large memorial at a City park or recreation facility shall submit an application, including a conceptual plan, to the Parks and Recreation Commission for review. The Commission shall forward all completed applications, along with their corresponding recommendations of approval or denial to the City Manager’s Office, which will take all comments into consideration when making a final recommendation regarding whether the application should be approved or denied.

If the Parks & Recreation Commission and City Manager recommends approval of the application, the Paks Department shall proceed with the development of an installation and management agreement between the City and the applicant, which will require the approval of the City Council.

Should the Parks & Recreation Commission and City Manager not approve the application, the applicant may appeal this decision to the City Council at a public hearing following customary procedures administered by the Office of the City Clerk.

Memorial Locations

The Park Superintendent is responsible for assisting with choosing locations in the parks and trail system for potential memorial sites. Sites can be existing structures such as benches converted to memorial benches or in a new designated location. 

The proposed site/location must be consistent with and not interfere with the Parks System Plan, or, if applicable, an approved master plan for the site. The proposed location will not compromise the aesthetic integrity or interfere with the unique or cultural character of the area.

Any applicant must demonstrate why the selected site is appropriate. There must be justification for the memorial being in that location. Where appropriate, preference will be given to co-location of new memorials within a site of common interest.

Consideration will be given to existing uses of the proposed location, with a goal of preventing the memorial from disrupting appropriate public use of City park and recreation facilities.

At the City’s sole discretion, the memorial once placed may be relocated at the City’s expense to another location.

Memorial Agreement

The approved applicant must sign a 10 year agreement with the City for the City to install and maintain the memorial.

  • Applications for memorials not provided for by this memorial policy must be approved by City Administration based on review and recommendation from the Parks & Recreation Commission
  • City Administration may additionally require City Council approval
  • City Council will be the final source of appeal for any disputes regarding this program
  • Commemorative plaques installed on memorials must be for an individual or a purpose that is non-controversial with text that is appropriate for display in a public place, and approved by the City. Text that in any way markets a product or service shall not be permitted. The Parks Superintendent will approve the text, order the plaque, and provide for installation.
  • Damaged or stolen benches or other memorial will be replaced only once in the ten-year period. Additional replacements of a bench or plaque will be subject to review by the Director of Parks and Recreation
  • At the ninth year, a notice will be sent to the Donor at the address provided on the agreement. The Donor will be informed of the expiration date and the renewal procedure to find out if they want to pay an additional fee to re-up the contract for 10 more years. If not, then the plaque will be removed and sent to the contact person.
  • If the Donor does not respond by the end of the tenth year, or if the letter is returned, the plaque will be removed and stored for one year at the Parks Department office.
  • It is the responsibility of the Donor to notify the City Parks Department office of current contact information (i.e. change of address, phone, or email) during the ten-year Bench Agreement period.
  • If the Donor contacts the City after the ten-year period has expired and the plaque has been removed, the City will have no obligation to honor the site or structure as a memorial and the plaque will become property of the City.

Other Memorial Information

The Parks Superintendent will inventory, date, and maintain a listing of all existing commemorative benches, plaques, and other memorials that have been installed prior to the adoption of this policy.

Unless otherwise agreed to in writing, all memorials that have been installed prior to approval shall be maintained for a ten-year period commencing January 1, 2019.

The Parks and Recreation Commission may provide for a memorial to recognize an individual or organization that has made an unusual contribution, service, or gift to the City.