Virtual Special Events


Oh no! The quarantine has finally caused the Glenwood Springs Parks & Rec Department staff to snap!  They are tired of all the cancellations of their fun activities for the Community. Enough is enough!  The evil Dr. Covid who started this pandemic must be punished! One of the Parks & Recreation staff has killed the evil Dr. COVID and the Glenwood Springs Police Department needs your help to solve the crime! Starting Saturday, May 16th, various CLUES will be placed throughout the city parks and trails; it’s up to you to find the CLUES and put the pieces together.  Are you a good enough detective to figure out…  

Who did it?  

Where they did it?  

With what weapon? 

Clues will be hidden along five trails to help solve this crime.  Trails will be announced the evening of May 15th on Facebook.  

Be sure to maintain appropriate social distancing while you investigate and please don’t touch or remove the clue!

Search high and low for clues along the trails that will mention a suspect, weapon and location that weren’t used in the crime. You will need to walk, bike or run on each path to make sure you don’t miss any evidence.

  1. Print out this CLUE worksheet
  2. Get your neighbors and friends to participate by sharing the event on Facebook.
  3. Saturday, May 16th, start hiking, biking or walking the trails in search of the CLUES 
  4. Find three CLUES on each trail to exclude a suspect, weapon and a location.  
  5. Mark where you found the CLUE down on your worksheet.
  6. Take pictures of your adventures on each trail and tag #GlenwoodRecAtHome in your pictures on social media or email them to us at and we will post them to the CLUE event page.
  7. Have Fun!!!

Once you have figured out this mystery be sure to visit the Parks & Rec Dept Facebook page and post that you solved the crime, and how many detectives are in your family. All winners will get a prize and one lucky family will be drawn to win the Grand Prize!  

DON’T give away the answer online, we want to give everyone a chance to figure it out.  

This mystery will be available from May 16th -29th .  

Potential Weapons, Locations & Suspects

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