Arts & Culture

"Dancing Moon VI" by Reven Marie Swanson. Colorful stained glass encircled in metal disk.
"Horses" by Noemi Kosmowski. Mural of wild horses crossing an upper desert scene on a wall und
"Tubing the Colorado" by Madeline Wiener. Marble sculpture of mother and child riding an inner
"Beaver" by Cynthia Fenster. Bronze life-sized beaver sculpture.
"Aspens" by Reven Marie Swanson. A tall, colorful, abstract sculpture reminiscent of an aspen.
Historic fading (ghost) mural on the exterior of a building in downtown Glenwood Springs.

We welcome you to experience Glenwood Springs through the lens of arts and culture. Integral to the vibrant social fabric of our community, arts and culture bring people together to build meaningful connections. Explore the public art collection or take part in one of many cultural events. Engage your curiosity, consider new perspectives, and grow shared understanding. Beloved by residents and visitors alike, Glenwood Springs is rich in history, natural beauty, and forward momentum, and we invite you to explore.

  1. White toy car body in front of a fully assembled white toy car.

    Toy Alteration Workshop

    Give your toys an extreme makeover for the holidays! | ¡Dale a tus juguetes un cambio de imagen extremo para las fiestas! Read on...
  2. Teens look up towards the camera a raise their hands up.

    Teen Choice Movie Night

    Enjoy laughing with your friends at the movie showing of "Elf". | Disfrute riendo con sus amigos en la proyección de la película de "Elf". Read on...
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