Programs, Activities, and Classes

Child's drawing of a yellow character and purple cats
Ceramics student shaping pottery on a pottery wheel
Young child walking on gymnastics balance beam while instructor watches
Local children show off their paintings at a youth art show in the Community Art Center.
Children sitting outside during summer programming
Woman shows off handmade masquerade mask decorated with butterflies and feathers
Student in the Youth Art Academy make comic book strips.
Youth art class student poses next to her painting of black hearts encircled with green and pink.
Child making a colorful finger painting.
Youth actors raise their interlocked hands to perform a theatre bow after thier outdoor performance.
Youth art student paints a brown cat onto a canvas.
Young children playing with blue colored slime on their hands.
Group of youth sit under their art works for their summer art show.
Art instructor and youth students display comic book strip posters they made.
Youth art student in the process of making a paper mache cat.

The Community Arts Center's offerings are designed to be intentional, experimental, and reflective of the community's needs and culture. All are welcome!

Browse and register for class by clicking "Register for Art Classes". The Garfield County Libraries in Glenwood Springs, New Castle, and Rifle partner with us to offer registration assistance in both English and Spanish.