Better Together Mural Project

Topek Christie Interlante 1
Topek Mary Noone 2
Topek Brooke Bartlett 1
Topek Wewer Kohane 1
Topek Hannah Stoll
Topek Briana Sanchez 1
Topek Traci Wilson 1
Topek Nicolas Ward 2
Topek Litah Campbell 1
Topek Natalie Squillante 2

On April 1, 2022, the City kicked off its Better Together Mural Project. The City accepted submissions for site specific artwork to be painted on the exterior of the Topeks (dining and gathering cubes) as part of the Glenwood Springs "Better Together" Murals Project through a Call for Art.

Selected Artists

This project was made possible by these incredible community artists:
  • Briana Sanchez
    Instagram: @bri.parm.fetta.moz
  • Brooke Bartlett
  • Christie Interlante
  • Hannah Stoll
    Instagram: @_hannahstoll
  • Litah Campbell
    Instagram: @secondhandscum
  • Mary Noone
  • Natalie Squillante
    Instagram: @slopesideceramics
  • Nicolas Ward
    Instagram: @nward_studios
  • Traci Wilson
  • Wewer Keohane
    Instagram: @wewerart