Trail Dates & Closures


  • Sky Mountain Park, North Rim, Seven Star: Seasonal wildlife closure in effect for all users Dec. 1 through May 15
  • Rio Grande Trail: Rock Bottom Ranch to Catherine Store segment is seasonally closed for all users Dec. 1 – April 30.
  • Glassier Open Space: Seasonal closure in effect for all users Dec. 1 through April 30. – Please note: Glassier OS is closed after dark per the adopted management plan; plan your night rides to start up the hill at dusk so you can finish on Buckhorn and the Rio Grande with your lights turned on.
  • Crown / Prince Creek / Vasten / Buckhorn: Seasonal closure in effect for bikes on most Crown BLM land Dec. 1 through April 15.  An exception to this closure allows for bikes (fat bikes!) on lower Prince Creek trails (South Porcupine Ditch and below).
  • Red Hill: Elk Traverse + north side trails seasonal closure for all users is Dec. 1 through April 15.
  • Lorax Trail: Seasonal closure for bikes on Lorax area BLM routes Dec. 1 through April 15.
  • South Canyon: Upper and Lower Coal Camp trail seasonal closure for all users is Dec. 1 through May 1.
  • New Castle: Seasonal closure for bikes on  BLM routes north of N.C., Dec. 1 through April 15


  • Aspen Fat Bike Loop: Includes portions of the Aspen Golf Course, Marolt Open Space and Maroon Creek Trail linking the ARC to the Aspen Golf Course.
  • Rio Grande Trail: Full trail from Aspen to Glenwood Springs (Except for the two mile section between Rock Bottom Ranch and Catherine Store)
  • Red Hill: All “front side” trails south of Elk Traverse.
  • Prince Creek Below North Porcupine:  Prince Creek Climbing Trail, Monte Carlo, Christmas Tree, Lower FOG.
  • Wulfsohn Mtn Park: Stevie Bob, Upper and Lower Wulfsohn, Defiance, Vanderhoofin’ It,
  • Grandstaff Trail: Access by riding up Red Mountain Road in Glenwood Springs.
  • South Canyon: Tramway and Lightning Bug
  • Lower New Castle Trails: Prendergast Hill, Medaris, Pub View, Colorow Flow Trails, Salty Dalty & Jolley Trails

*Conditions Permitting

Other resources for Trail closures & updates:
  • US Forest Service site for special alerts and notices regarding trail and road closures. Click the link for the Rifle Ranger District, which contained to most up-to-date information for weather and road/trail conditions.
  • Aspen Trail Finder winter trails.
  • Aspen Trail Finder trail conditions.