Be Bear Aware

According to the Roaring Fork Valley Bear Coalition: "If you see a bear, stay calm and DO NOT RUN OR PLAY DEAD". Speak slowly in an assertive but calm voice, and SLOWLY BACK AWAY". The RFVBC focuses on bear protection efforts by taking proactive measures to prevent and minimize bear-human conflicts. Keep reading below for more helpful suggestions from RFVBC's website on being "bear aware" at home and on the trails:

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Avoid Attracting Bears At Home

  • Never Feed or Approach Bears
  • Secure & Store trash and recyclables in bear-resistant containers until morning of pick-up or in a secure area – Never leave trash outside of a dumpster
  • Remove your bird feeders when bears are active (March through December)
  • Never Leave Pet Food Outdoors – keep and store wildlife feeders and livestock feed indoors in bear-resistant containers
  • Secure chicken coops, beehives, and livestock with electric fencing
  • Clean BBQ grills & grease traps with ammonia, bleach or degreasing agent – Store grills in secure area to keep bears out
  • Anything that smells like food attracts bears
  • Protect your garden: compost pile properly; pick fruit from trees and clean up fallen fruit or donate
  • Alert your neighbors to bear activity or contact Roaring Fork Bear Patrol 305-710-2977

Avoid Bears On Trails

  • Keep your dog on-leash. Dogs pressure bears to defend themselves; off-leash dogs are the cause of many negative encounters between people and bears or other wildlife
  • While jogging or hiking in the woods, use your voice to avoid a surprise encounter, use a bear whistle or carry bear spray and know how to use it!
  • Always be aware of your surroundings and avoid using headphones
  • Lock your vehicle – DO NOT LEAVE food or trash inside car
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Downloadable Bear Safety Guides

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