Through our agreement with ScubAmerica, Scuba students can receive internationally accepted National Association of Underwater Instructors (NAUI) Open Water Diver certification after course completion. Entry-level Open Water Scuba courses meet and exceed requirements for certification, and all of their diving courses have an emphasis on instruction that is excellent, thorough, safe, and enjoyable. The Open-Water Course includes online and Zoom classroom instruction including diving equipment, diving physics, medical aspects of diving, dive tables, dive planning, and preserving the underwater environment. Pool instruction includes use of fins and mask, buoyancy compensation, equalizing ears and sinuses, sharing air, diver rescue, navigation, entries, exits, and more. Skills are practiced again with dive training dives at a nearby site or the diver can elect to do Open Water training dives in clear, warm water on one of ScubAmerica’s trips. Scuba diving does not require the student to be a trained athlete, but some medical conditions preclude diving. Also, the prospective student should be comfortable in the water in order to enjoy the course and diving. 

Please contact instructor, Ken McCracken, with any questions at 970-319-5747 or