A youth kayaker eagerly enters his boat to practice in the lap pool.
A kayaker pauses to observe other kayakers in the lap pool.
Group of youth in colorful kayaks gather around an instructor in the lap pool.
A kayaker prepares to be rolled under to practice returning to the surface.
Kayakers practicing rolling themselves back to an upright position in the lap pool.
kayak 6

Drop-in Kayak

Practice your kayak skills in a safe environment. Reservations for open kayak sessions are available to individuals 12 years and older wishing to practice their kayak skills in the pool. Reservations are required and are per kayak. Up to 2 people per kayak will be allowed. Kayaks must be cleaned off before entrance into the pool. All kayakers must wear helmets. The Community Center does not provide helmets or instruction. Please arrive at the pool area doors near the tennis courts at your designated date and time and check in with pool staff. Reservations may be made up to 10 days in advance. For questions please contact John at john.volk@cogs.us or call us at 970-384-6301.