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Survey Form

  1. Survey Form

    The Glenwood Springs Community Center would like to hear from you so we can continue to improve our service and programs. Thank you.

  2. Employee Competence

  3. Front Desk Staff

  4. Pool Staff

  5. Rink Staff

  6. Gym / Fitness Staff

  7. Climbing Wall Staff

  8. KidKare Staff

  9. Program Instructions

  10. Friendliness of Staff

  11. Front Desk Staff

  12. Pool Staff

  13. Rink Staff

  14. Gym / Fitness Staff

  15. Climbing Wall Staff

  16. KidKare Staff

  17. Program Instructions

  18. Facility Presentation

  19. Condition of the Facility

  20. Cleanliness of the Facility

  21. Community Center Value

  22. Do you feel the fees are a value?

  23. Does the facility meet your needs?

  24. Is the front desk helpful?

  25. Is the pool well-equipped?

  26. Is the gym well-equipped?

  27. Is the fitness balcony well-equipped?

  28. Is the climbing wall well-equipped?

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